Somia Academy is a place
to learn practical skills related to user experience, design thinking, and human-centered design.

You will be mentored by industry professionals with years of experiences in commercial, social, and public sectors.

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3 weeks • 11 August - 11 September 2020

Service Design Fundamentals

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An introduction to Service Design and its practical applications.




Farah Nuraini


Somia Academy helps me to gain insight on when and why to use various UX methods. The program is really systematic and mimic real life situation with many exercises in every particular point of the course. If you want to become a professional with UX in mind (which is a must!), Somia Academy is a great investment for you.

Cornelius Vito

Mirum Jakarta

UX Fundamentals by Somia Academy enlightens me about the UX basic and the flow how to apply it with a project. The speakers, mentors, judges are great. I spend my money in the right place. That would be nice if I can join another Somia Academy course in the future. Proficiat!


Yehezkiel Chrisby Gulo


I am impressed with the material coverage of the course. Not only it’s providing a clear structure of Design Research, but also trying to address and equip participants with various ways of doing and thinking. The concepts are well-conducted throughout the course and Q&A sessions which had successfully provoked my curiosity to follow them up further and apply them to weekly assignments as necessary.

Nursakti Niko Rosandy


I am actually coming from finance background, but recently got assigned into a design research-related project. Taking Somia Academy Online Design Research Skills helps me to navigate and involve further to the project. My contribution earns praises from other team members because it was unexpected that someone from finance can play a role in this project.


Savira Aristi


It was really a great experience! The methods used are relevant and applicable for real problems. Somia Academy Online Service Design Fundamentals compiled all the scattered methods out there and arranges it as a big guidebook. The peer support was nice too! Met a lot of great people, and I could not wait to join next Somia Academy courses.

Sabrina Woro Anggraini

Natuno Lab

What makes Somia Academy Online Service Design Fundamentals stand out is the fact that we are given a weekly assignment with a real problem from a client. I got to directly implement the course materials and identify the challenge and knowledge gaps that I have during the course. The facilitators provided an open discussion environment which helped me in the learning process.

Our Learning Philosophy

Somia Academy embraces experiential, hands-on learning methodology. 

We aim to cultivate the designer’s critical thinking skill to become an independent learner. To master any skills - especially Human Centred Design (HDC) process - we believe the learner should own a sense of confidence to explore the ambiguous realm of design and innovation.

Becoming a great designer is a long and engrossing process, it’s not the result of a few days course. 

Our course is designed to help you with your learning journey.

Our Learning Principles

Enjoy the process

Adopt reflective learning

Learning by doing

Reflect on what you did well, what went wrong and could be done better. Learn from each process’ successes and failures.

Embrace the uncertainty and be present in the learning journey.

Less theory, more practical application. Practice makes perfect.

Foster active collaboration

Think critically

No one-size-fits-all approach

Look at information from different sides objectively and construct your own point of view.

Build on each other’s idea and defer judgment because we bring various backgrounds to the table.

Acknowledge that each project has unique needs. Gain experiences over time to know which best approach to use on any project.

Previous Activities

Somia Academy reserves the right to alter the program if necessary and without notice, as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

Somia Academy is organized with love, by the people behind Somia Customer Experience

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