UX-PM is an international User Experience (UX) training program certified by UXalliance since 2005. The UX-PM training program helps organizations to increase design maturity and succeed with new business challenges by empowering professionals to adopt a customer-centric approach in their practice. The UXalliance is a global network connecting 25 worldwide leading independent User Experience (UX) companies. Since 2018, Somia Customer Experience has become members of UXalliance. Somia is the exclusive certified training partner to deliver UX-PM training in Indonesia.


Involve stakeholders to align the UX strategy. Learn to plan, coordinate and implement UX activities at each project phase: from initial vision to implementation. Choose the right methods, the right sample, and supervise interviews and tests. Once you’ve passed the certification exam, optimize the UX activities to make it work in an Agile development cycle.

Pre-requisite: UX-PM Level 1 completed.


3 half-days, during the weekdays.

(Coming soon in June 2023)


4 hours live sessions in the AM.


Notes and activities.


Rp. 5,900,000

Rp. 5,200,000 for 5 early birds!

  • Fully face-to-face course, and has been structured to cater remote collaborations. The course materials are written in English while all communications are in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Collaborate in groups to exercise knowledge from the class.

  • Feedback from trainers on the group works.

  • Globally acknowledged UX-PM level 2 certificate that you can share with your professional networks.

IMPORTANT: After payment, Loket will send you an email as payment proof.

Somia Academy will contact you around 1-2 days after Loket’s email to confirm your registration.

What You Will Learn

Module 1: Discovering Voice of Business and Voice of Market

  • Framing the right challenge
  • Understanding business outcomes and impact
  • Stakeholders mindset
  • Competitive analysis
  • Starting with a framework

Module 2: Discovering Voice of Customer (User Research)

  • Importance of User Research
  • User Research Map
  • Generative/Exploratory Research
  • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Ethnography
  • Unmoderated Remote Studies
  • Research Deliverables

Module 3: Product Strategy and Value Proposition

  • Understanding value for the user
  • Designing the Product Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Building a Roadmap

Module 4: Prototyping and Testing

  • Designing the solution
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Prototyping Solutions
  • Organizing Design Work
  • Visual Design
  • Evaluate Design

Upon completion of the course, you will take a test and earn a UX-PM level 2 certification that you can share with your professional networks. In order to earn this certificate, you need to pass with a 70% score based on the set scoring system.

Certified Program: UX-PM Level 2
is highly suggested for you who...

  • Pre-requisite: Have attended UX-PM Level 1.
  • Are a Product Owner, IT Professional, Marketing Communication Specialist, Business Analyst, Designer, or Front-end Developer who wants to create state-of-the art products and services.
  • Need to engage their team in applying UX tools.
  • Are eager to integrate UX into Agile methodologies.
  • Love learning, curious, optimistic.

What Others Say About This Class

"An interesting training brought by experienced consultants. Theories were delivered alongside case studies and real-world experiences."

Agung Utomo
Communications Analyst

Facilitators and Instructors

Kevin Tan
Sr. Experience Design Consultant @ Somia Customer Experience

Kevin has been involved in product research, advisory, and management for 9 years. His exposure in both private and public sector brings him to believe that listening closely to people’s story may uncover surprising opportunity area for organizations to move forward and grow.

Other than leading research work, he's also an active mentor in Somia Academy. Teaching Introduction to HCD and Design Research Class.

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