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Somia Academy is a place to learn practical skills related to User Experience, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design and Service Design, brought to you by experts from Somia CX who brought you the beloved designs of companies like BRI, The Body Shop, Google and more.


We share our knowledge for impactful design.

Founded in 2012, Somia CX has been consistently helping local and international companies to touch people’s lives through improving their experiences. Somia Academy is the testament of Somia CX's passion to equip the basic understanding of human-centred design to UX enthusiasts in Indonesia. Join our journey of creating a meaningful experience.

We believe everyone can design and do research

Somia Academy not only prepares learners with the right skills, but also the right mindset of UX practitioners.

Collaboration is the key to solve complex design problems

Somia Academy brings together UX enthusiasts to work on cases that prepare learners for creating essential changes.

Human is the center of every innovation

Somia Academy regards that Human-centered products require human-centered problem solving, and the way to do achieve such things is by learning hands-on research and design for humans.

Continuous learning elevates the practice itself

Living up to our name (Somia, meaning "elevating to a higher level"), we inspire more people to contribute to the body of knowledge. Together, we keep on setting higher UX standards in Indonesia.

Our mentors come from the community of designers, researchers, marketers, entrepreneurs, educators, and more. Our root as a design innovation consultancy influences what we do and what we believe could be achieved in the Indonesian UX landscape.

Dono Firman

Sr. Experience Design Consultant (Research, Strategy, Business) at Somia CX

Dono earned his degree in Industrial Engineering from Parahyangan University in Bandung, Indonesia, and Audio Engineering in London, UK. He did a Master degree in Strategic Design in Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Having a diverse and multidisciplinary background brings unique perspectives to his ways to solve problems at Somia CX. He was heavily responsible in improving the customer and service experience in a Mother and Child hospital project, as well as leading a business model and service innovation project for an international renal care service company.

Kevin Tan
Sr. Experience Design Consultant (Research, Strategy) at Somia CX

After receiving his Bachelor degree of Information System from Bina Nusantara University, Kevin has been involved in product research, advisory, and management for 7 years. His exposure in both private and public sector brings him to believe that listening closely to people’s story may uncover surprising opportunity area for organisations to move forward and grow.

Anindya Fitriyanti
Sr. Experience Design Consultant (Service Design, Space Design) at Somia CX

Anin has a master degree in Product Service System Design from Politecnico di Milano, and bachelor and professional degree in architecture. During her master study she also joined a parallel multi-disciplinary program called Alta Scuola Politecnica and has various experiences such as designer in residence in Cube Design Museum - Kerkrade, researcher in Polimi DESIS Lab (Design for Sustainability and Social Innovation) and worked with Indonesian Trade Promotion Center, Milan. Anin has a rich experience in service design projects in the financial industry: from service prototyping to exploring best methods for digital adoption for the micro-segmentation in the rural areas.

Andranisa Diastari

Sr. Experience Design Consultant (Strategy, Digital Product, Interaction Design) at Somia CX

Having a bachelor degree in Communication Visual Design and Master of Design from Institut Teknologi Bandung enables Andra to deep dive into the world of digital design in graphic, multimedia and interaction. With nearly 8 years of working experience, Andra has gained various knowledge in the design field and still continues to explore her craft in various industries to give a considerable impact not just to the product but also to the people that are involved in building it. Andra previously worked at Traveloka as User Interface Designer.

Let's get in touch!

Somia Academy is organized with love, by the people behind Somia Customer Experience. If your company needs trainings relating to design thinking and leadership, let us know how we can help. Or if you're an individual learner who needs further information about the courses, do reach out to us.

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