Somia Academy is a place to learn practical skills related to user experience, design thinking, and human-centered design, mentored by industry professionals with many years of experiences working as in-house team and consultancy on projects for commercial, social, and public sectors.


Nov 2017

Introductory course to learn Human-Centered Design approach to designing digital user experience through a 3-days workshop


Nov 2017

Upcoming Classes

A close and intimate workshop to make sense of research data - translating insights into opportunity areas


Farah Nuraini,

Interaction Designer, Traveloka

Somia Academy helps me to gain insight on when and why to use various UX methods. The program is really systematic and mimic real life situation with many exercises in every particular point of the course. You won’t feel bored throughout the class. Not to mention lots of new friends from various background you would be able to meet from the course. Designer, Developer, Product Manager, you name it! If you want to become a professional with UX in mind (which is a must!), Somia Academy is a great investment for you.

Cornelius Vito

Mirum Jakarta

UX Fundamentals by Somia Academy enlightens me about the UX basic and the flow how to apply it with a project. The speakers, mentors, judges are great. I spend my money in the right place. That would be nice if I can join another Somia Academy course in the future. Proficiat!

Somia Academy is organized with love, by the people behind Somia Customer Experience

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