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Cornelius Vito

Mirum Jakarta

UX Fundamentals by Somia Academy enlightens me about the UX basic and the flow how to apply it with a project. The speakers, mentors, judges are great. I spend my money in the right place. That would be nice if I can join another Somia Academy course in the future. Proficiat!

Somia Academy helps me to gain insight on when and why to use various UX methods. The program is really systematic and mimic real life situation with many exercises in every particular point of the course. You won’t feel bored throughout the class. Not to mention lots of new friends from various background you would be able to meet from the course. Designer, Developer, Product Manager, you name it! If you want to become a professional with UX in mind (which is a must!), Somia Academy is a great investment for you.

Farah Nuraini,

Interaction Designer, Traveloka

Somia Academy reserves the right to alter the program if necessary and without notice, as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

Somia Academy is organized with love, by the people behind Somia Customer Experience

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Somia Academy subscribes to the Constructivist’s experiential, hands-on learning methodology and we aim to help cultivate the designer’s critical thinking skill by becoming an independent learnerWe believe that to master any skills, especially when it comes to Human Centred Design (HCD) process, the learner should own a sense of confidence to explore the ambiguous realm of design and innovation.

Our course is designed to help you with your learning journey. As we know, becoming a great designer is a long and engrossing process, not the result of a few days course. Our ‘hidden curriculum’ is to help you learn how to learn. 

Here are our learning principles which we hope you will also embrace in this learning journey:

Enjoy the process

Adopt reflective learning

Learn through doing

Learn from each process’ successes and failures. Reflect on what you did well and to continue doing, what went wrong and could be done better to inform your next decision moments.

I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.

– Confucius –

Less lecturing, more learning by doing. Less theory, more application and practice of the theory. Practice makes perfect.

Foster active collaboration

Think critically

No one-size-fits-all approach

Rather than fully accepting an argument or being cynical, critical thinking means looking at both sides of the given information objectively to construct your own point of view

Build on each other’s ideas and defer judgement because we bring various background knowledge and expertise to the table.

Acknowledge that each project has its unique needs. The key to a successful project is to gain techniques, experience and confidence over time to know which best approach to use for what and when.