For those that want to learn HCD in a more practical way within interaction projects, by deepening the interaction design foundation to make design decisions, fueled by real design case studies of Somia Customer Experience


6 weeks (26 Agt - 30 Sep 2022)

  • Class Greeting
  • Week 1-4 Materials
  • Graduation Call

Time per week

Blended learning: 1 hours of independent learning and 1.5 hour live session of QnA and additional materials.

Weekly Material

Notes, videos, and homework

Starting from
Rp 2,000,000
Rp 3,200,000

First Batch Privilege!


  • Fully online course, and has been structured to cater remote collaborations. The course materials are written in English while all communications are in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Blended learning to fit your schedule. We designed the program to be flexible with your working life, so we suggest to do your independent learning before the weekly QnA.
  • Tools and frameworks based on industry standard. You will also learn not only the skill, but also the mindset to be a designer.
  • Work in groups on case study projects.
  • Feedback from design trainer and peers on your weekly assignments.
  • Certificate of Completion that you can share with your professional networks .
  • Alumni community for deeper conversations and knowledge sharing.

What You Will Learn

Week 1 | Discover: understand and define the problem scope

  • Introduction to Human Centered Design
  • Introduction to Interaction Design
  • Understanding design brief & scoping
  • Empathize target customers from the available data
  • Learn technical constraint & limitation before design start

Week 2 | Define design direction

  • Identifying actual problem to be solved
  • Ways to generate initial ideas & to prioritize
  • Verifying our idea directions using popular methods like concept testing & card sorting
  • Structure our ideas into functional features & flow

Week 3 | Detail down our ideas & direction

  • 10 design principles from Dieter Rams
  • Learning the basic of sketching & wireframing
  • How to pick the right modules for each interaction
  • Validate your prototypes through usability testing & design critique

Week 4 | Design Refinement: develop your prototype into a hi-fidelity design

  • Visual design fundamental
  • Introduction to UI Design: components & its' ecosystem
  • Bringing wireframes to hi-fidelity design
  • Design documentation & how to handover your design
  • What's next after launching the design

Upon completion of the course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion that you can share with your professional networks. In order to earn this certificate, you need to pass with a 70% score based on the set scoring system.

Interaction Design Immersive is highly suggested for you who...

  • Wants to apply HCD approach in more practical way within interaction projects
  • Needs a solid design foundation to make conscious design decisions
  • Eager to learn various techniques to sharpen your design outcomes
  • Wants to learn from real interaction design case studies

Instructor & Facilitator

Our courses will be conducted by an instructor and a facilitator. The instructor will conduct the program and give you feedback during the course. Meanwhile, the facilitator will support you in any administration matter, course materials and communications.

Joseph Reinaldo
Instructor & Facilitator

With his Visual Communication Design background, Joseph has been working as a designer, helping various clients since 2012. The latest shift in media from print to digital encouraged him to further study Interaction Design at Monash University, Australia. As a people person who loves books, Joseph also has interests in how the digital media influences behavior and habits.

Catharina Krisanti
Guest Instructor

Krisan has earned her bachelor in Graphic Design from NAFA and Industrial Design from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After graduated, she has experienced as an information designer in wayfinding and environmental graphic design studio in the Netherlands. The interlace between digital and physical product interaction has always amused her design decision. She is looking forward to explore and design visual elements that spark the whole service experience for users.

Uka Q.A.P

Guest Instructor

Coming from graphic design background, Uka is drawn into user experience field due to his long interest in how the human mind works. Uka completed his magister degree in Design at ITB, with previously studied Visual Communication Design majoring in Advertising at the same Institution.

Gilang Nur'Aidi
Guest Instructor

Graduated from Brawijaya university with informatics engineering degree, Gilang found that the field of design has successfully piqued his curiosity and interest. Participating in various national competitions and gaining experience from several different companies makes him even more thirsty to explore the human side of product development. He genuinely enjoys its whole process, from conducting research up to designing, to deliver an impactful solution.

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